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UFCC supplies asbestos-free cellulose fibre cement boards, fibre cement roofing, ceiling, fascia, cladding, decking and fencing products, and is sole certificate holder of the UCO SolidWall Building System in South Africa.

SolidWall Building System

In 2008 UFCC introduced the UCO SolidWall Building System to the South African market. The system is an Innovative/Alternative Building Technology (ABT) which is a solid, non-load-bearing wall system suitable for residential, commercial and educational buildings.

The UCO SolidWall Building System is made up of UCO Flexabord fibre cement sheets that are fixed onto steel studs and infilled with a lightweight concrete mix. The system meets fire-rating, acoustic and thermal insulation, wet application impact strength and robustness requirements.

The UCO SolidWall Building System obtained its Agrément SA certification in September 2012.

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All UFCC products are asbestos free